Where ever you go in Artvin, you will see a different culture, a different history. The natural beauty of Artvin presents itself generously to the guests. You will not see so many shades of green coming together anywhere else.This green is accompanied by red to blue flora of plants from almost every color. We do not even count the spruce which has become the city’s natural setting, pine trees and the animals grazing in the sprawling green areas. If you look at the photos of our hotel, you may feellike smelling the rich oxygen as it is located just in the midddle of the green area. Especially if your stay coincides with Kafkasör festival, you will enjoy bull wrestling, folk dances, wrestling.Our hotel, with 7 villas, located in the centre of all the beauties in the extremely cozy wamth of Black sea waiting for you with all the hospitality of its people.

Koliva Otel
Our hotel is located on the slopes of Artvin mountain and in Artvin plateau in a nature full of peace.
Koliva Otel
Our hotel has 28 rooms and each room there is a TV , an air conditioner , a mini fridge etc.
Koliva Otel
You can taste different flavors by having a breakfast and a dinner prepared with natural products.
Koliva Otel
In summer you can experience rafting and reach the peak of adrenaline.Moreover the place of rafting sport is so near to our hotel.
Koliva Otel
In winter we suggest you to see the unique view of Artvin and have a cup of hot coffee while watching the city centre.
Koliva Otel

I found this hotel from the internet but I haven’t seen it before .We prefered it just because of the sincere phone call I made with the authorities. Trust me we weres really pleased with the hotel .When you imagine a holiday ,you will thin about the air conditioner ,the hygiene of the rooms and toilets , the quality of the food etc . Here you can find all of them but the most important one is that you can feel the friendship ,fraternity and family .While returning I felt as if I was leaving someone whom I had known for ages .We loved all the staff of hotel so much .I can not explain completely You should go and experience it on your own

Nazmi Alaybey | MERSİN

Both administration and staff were very attentive and sincere .The food was delicious and in addition to this the hotel was hygienical and the prices were affordable .All these details I mentioned are enough for us to prefer this hotel again and recommend it to our friends …We again thank Koliva Hotel .Hope to see you next year


We stayed for a short time in April but we felt the comfort of our home .Thank you very much for your sincerity and frienship.The formalism and the insincerity of the big hotels are just deceiving the people .I am really glad to make friends like you .Hope to see you at the beginning of August


The prices were affordable .Considering the prices , the potentials of refreshments were good.The ambiance was so quiet that it was an ideal place to take a rest .The staff members were really attentive .We also liked the nature .The hotel was clean .We were satisfied with the hotel


If you are the one who wants to have a holiday without feeling suffocated then this hotel is suitable for you .While the whole Turkey is sweltering , here the coolness coming from the hills makes you forget everything .The staffs simply devote themselves to serve for you . You should absolutely visit the restaurant where traditional Artvin food takes place.In fact a person is regenerated here with the help of fresh air and healthy food.

Murat Bülent Kavur | KOCAELİ

Artvin will definitely be my first choice.It is impossible not to be impressed by Koliva Hotel serving you with the Turkish hospitality.Reaching all the beauties of Artvin easily makes Koliva Hotel different

Ceyhan Danacı | ANKARA

My cute , sweety hotel . It is a wonderful hotel with its cosy atmosphere .I can stay here both in summer and in winter .The restaurant is also great

Türkü Kayabaşı | ESKİŞEHİR

When you think about Artvin you also think about Koliva Hotel.It was nice and funny to have family atmosphere and the sincere concern during the one week holiday we stayed at Koliva Hotel ,Artvin . Also , the clean rooms and the variety of the food add more pleasure to our holiday.I had a peaceful holiday in a sincere family atmosphere.Thanks

Abdullah Becerikli | BURSA

The only address for the holiday ! This hotel has become somewhere like our home . In fact , it is an isdispensable place for us to have a holiday .Thanks to the authorities . We will be there on 17th of July .Stay with love ,see you .

Hürdağ Karaman | İSTANBUL

We took comfort . First of all , I want to say that hotel administrators were sincere and they helped us in every respects.The families who are having children like us feel anxious while going to a holiday .But you will understand in Koliva Hotel that those kond of concerns are impertinent.Thanks everybody.Good institution , good administration express Koliva Hotel

Batuhan Darbaz | KONYA

Administration is good.I can say that managers are very good people .If you go there , you will take a rest .And then ,they see you off like your beloved relatives .We thank for everything .If it is possible , we want to see you again .Now our aim is to be there for the Kaskasör Festival.We have already started to make plans .

Güven Hardalı | KOCAELİ

We went there , stayed and loved them .We stayed 7 days with our friends .We had decided to go at the last moment . We found Koliva Hotel from the internet .Trust me we did not have any disappoinment .It is not luxury but it is clean and comfortable .They do their best to help you .You can have homemade food as a dinner .Its green nature is excellent

Öykü Saldız | ESKİŞEHİR

Cute and modest hotel in Kafkasör.Cute and clean institution .Administrators are rightminded and honest .It is an advantage to reach every type of activity easily

Onur Deniz | GAZİANTEP

Everything is new.We were satisfied with the color green.Everything is new,the service is perfect , hospitality is great .Very clean bathrooms , spotlessly clean and shining rooms . That takes the cake .Thanks Koliva Hotel .

Kadir Tomurcuk | İSTANBUL